The Person of the Tree of Life

Roots--Patrick Murphy

A friend of mine, Cameron Fultz, has been translating the book of Revelation.  A month or more ago, he read his translation of Revelation four to a group of friends.  What follows are verses two and three of chapter four.  I had never before considered John’s vision in the light of Cameron’s translation.  It is, admittedly, an interpretive translation.  But I think the interpretation is full of spiritual truth.  Ponder, and enjoy.


I immediately emerged into of the realm of spirit and truth. The first thing I saw was the truth that was always there waiting to be unconcealed to our hearts. I saw the throne governing all things. The first lesson was that it was not some force or unknowable concept, but a Person! A Person sat on the throne. Spirit and Truth are communicated by knowing This Person.

  • And the One sitting (is) like “bark-colored jasper being seen all the way through to the streams of various colored sap flowing within; and (like bright red) sardius in appearance.
  • And (a) halo-effect (like a circle) surrounded-and-encircled The Throne like (an) emerald in appearance (living like the Tree of Life).

As I desired to see what kind of Person He was, I saw that He had the appearance of a living tree, or maybe it was the tree of life? But just for a quick flash it seemed like the bloody cross covered with a canopy of green. It was like an emerald halo around the throne, even like a laurel wreath that had sprung to life out of a crown of thorns. The spots of red I saw appeared like sardis stone. The wood, or trunk, I could see into. It was translucent, and yet primarily golden brown like jasper. But also like jasper, it has flecks of many colors within it that look like they are flowing. That is when I realized that the color of the sap expressed the Life of this Person.


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