Recommended Reading

Below is a list of books that have enriched my life theologically. This isn’t a list of everything I’ve read but each is important to me in some way. Books are on this list for different reasons. Some profoundly impacted my relationship with the Lord and spiritual growth. Others are literary pillars of the church.

I have included a section of theological fiction. The Lord has used fiction to convey Himself to me in powerful, memorable ways. This is, in part, because fiction delivers truth through stories instead of through propositional argument. This allows the heart and mind to interact with spiritual things in an unconventional way.

There is also a section of church history. Church history is a hobby of mine because it allows me to connect with Jesus as He has been known in different times and places. Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever; He is the same in first century Greece, fifth century Africa, and 20th century America. Seeing what different times and places hold in common can give a sense of what is truly eternal, not merely cultural.

I hope that visitors to The Voice of One will peruse this list and find things to try. Maybe there’s a book on this list you’ve always thought about reading. Maybe there’s something you’ve never thought about reading but that piques your interest. If you do read a book on this list, I hope it impacts you as it has me. The church has a wealth of spirituality in her library!

Please also comment below if you would like to share titles that have made a major impact on you.