Booklets: Old Testament

Despising the Lamb: Contempt for Christ in First Samuel

Johnny Mays

Download for Kindle/e-reader: Despising the Lamb (Kindle)

Christ in the Feasts

Jewish Calendar--Color

Download for Kindle/e-reader:  Christ in the Feasts (Kindle)

Crack-pots & Dogs: The Story of Gideon

Crack-pot Dog

Download for Kindle/e-reader:  Crack-pots & Dogs (Kindle)

Communion and the Concubine


Download for Kindle/e-reader:  Communion and the Concubine (Kindle)

Temple of the New Creation

Temple of the New Creation

Download for Kindle/e-reader:  Temple of the New Creation (Kindle)

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  1. emeeoreilly says:

    Thanks Teague! I have been waiting for this one.

    1. mrteague says:

      Great, Emee 🙂 I hope it’s helpful!

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