OK, I’m going to soapbox about one of my pet peeves. (And please excuse me if I get snarky). The other day, I saw it on a church readerboard. Then it popped up in my son’s children’s Bible. We’ve all heard it. The wording varies but the gist is, “Jesus told parables to help people…

C U L8er

I’ve got some family visiting so I’m going to take a 10-ish day break from blogging.  Please read past posts, booklets I’ve posted, or check out some of the awesome blogs I follow. A word before I go: Yesterday, I was meditating on verses that talk about the blood of Jesus cleansing us from sin….

Back in a Flash

For the next few days I’ll be busy with family and won’t be blogging.  Please check out some of the blogs I follow.  There’s something for everyone: blogs that focus on art, apologetics, deeper life, and many more.  Also feel free to read past posts of mine or booklets posted on The Voice of One….

Chasing Santa

  “Grandpa, what are you doing out here?” He was standing in the snow leaning a couple long 2×4’s against the house. “I was chasing Santa Claus,” he explained. “Almost had him too.” He handed me one of the biggest sleigh bells I’d ever seen. Then he showed me two long, straight depressions in the…