Out from a Second

In chapters eight through 10, the writer of Hebrews continues contrasting the old and new covenants, also discussing them as the first and second covenants. The first covenant had continual sacrifice.  Not only did the repeated sacrifices fail to remove sin, they actually reminded people of their sinfulness and kept their consciences from being clean….

Sluggish in Hearing

“We have have much to say that is difficult to interpret since you have become sluggish in hearing” (Heb. 5:11). At the cusp of Hebrews five and six is a warning that seems to come out of nowhere.  Since the writer has been talking about Melchizedek and resumes this subject in chapter seven, the warning seems to erupt mid-thought….

Truth, the Person

Sketch by Patrick Murphy: inspiredsketch.blogspot.com Jesus is real.  I could not deny that any more than I could deny my wife and kids, who live with me.  Jesus is not a set of propositional truths to be debated.  Christians may derive propositional truths or creeds from Jesus, but creeds are not Christ.  Creeds or doctrinal…