Review of “The Post-church Christian”


Not long ago, I heard Millennials (AKA “Generation Y”) were ditching church in record numbers.  Through an interview on The Unitive, I found myself at  They offer a free copy of The Post-Church Christian: Dealing with the Generational Baggage of Our Faith to bloggers willing to review the book.  Suddenly, my path was clear (cue harp): get the free book, learn about Millennials, write a review.

The book started as a conversation between Paul Nyquist (a Baby-Boomer) and his son, Carson Nyquist (a Millennial).  Carson opened up about the hurt and frustration he was experiencing in church.  Many of his friends felt the same.  They were trying to follow Jesus in the way that made sense to them and were meeting with judgment, resistance, “WRONG WAY” signs.  Many hit the trails to prospect alternatives to church, where their own vision of Christianity could take root and flourish.

“Transparency” and “authenticity” are prime values to Millennials; you will hear these words a lot in the book.  So I’ll be transparent.  When I picked up this book, I was ready for a “Generation Whine” monologue followed by a lot of Baby-Boomer hand-wringing and hand-holding.  Why anyone would give allegiance to a suffering Savior but feel entitled to a life without hurt feelings, I had no idea.  But I would suck it up, read the book, and find out.

And I would be wrong.  (“Never judge a book by its cover,” right?)


Read the full review here:  Post-Church Christian Review

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