Predestined Controversy: Epilogue

epilogueOriginally, I planned to write two posts about predestination (Part 1, Part 2).  I guess you could say I predetermined this.  Then I changed my mind  😉

Romans 8:33 says “Who can bring an accusation against God’s elect?  God is the One who justifies.”  How strange it seems to imagine election or predestination occurring apart from Christ.  Christ is the entirety of salvation: He is our justification, redemption, sanctification, healing, resurrection, sonship, glorification, and everything else.  Why wouldn’t He also be our election?  What sense does it make to say that there is a work of election apart from Christ that enables us to be in Christ?  No other aspect of salvation works that way. We are elect because we are in the elected One. 

But enough of my ramblings.  I’d like my readers to have the last word.  They made many excellent comments on Facebook and The Voice of One.  Sharing these comments seemed like the way to close out this series.  Enjoy!


“The word predestined means ‘to set boundaries in advance’. You are correct, the entire problem with this ‘controversy’, is that we have considered it from a self-centered perspective. Predestination means that God, before the foundation of the world, determined and set the specific boundaries in which His eternal intention, will, and pleasure would be found. He determined those boundaries to be IN HIS SON. Therefore, those in the Son are only predestined because they are found in the place predetermined of the Father.  Should we not simply rejoice that the “lines” have fallen to us in such a pleasant place?”

“Why is it that Christians can accept that Jesus is fully divine and fully human and that the Bible is a divine and human document, but then not take the same approach with this issue? Isn’t it Both-And? God is truly sovereign and we are truly responsible for our actions. Picking out the proof-texts on one side or the other isn’t the answer. Furthermore, any of the important doctrines we hold don’t fit into simple, rational explanations (e.g. the Trinity, how the atonement works, the problem of evil…).”

“I would say that God gives us the will to choose but already knows what we will choose.”

“I love the line that the bible is about Christ. We are so self absorbed and think everything is about us.  I came to the conclusion that God doesn’t play favorites (Book of James).  God wants us to choose him because we love him and are not forced or guilted. (Joshua- choose who you will serve, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord) I may not understand the predestination thing fully, but I do know the character of God. God is love. I have a ticket and I choose the train that Christ is the conductor.”

“Love the focus on Christ and not us! Great way to readjust our mindset.  I love that I am not a judge but a witness of Christ and His love and power to redeem anyone and that I have a ministry of reconciliation.”

“As parents we say to our kids. Hey, if you want to go to the fair you can. Your choice. You may think you know what they will choose, but you let them choose. “

“Love what you said about the bible being about Christ not about us. When you realize that, you realize the bible isn’t all about sin; it’s about our Father’s love toward us and His kindness leading us to repentance. The work of Christ is more about taking care of the issue of death in our lives, which leads to the freedom of sin, because when we have been buried AND resurrected with Christ we are no longer bound to sin. Focusing on sin leads to more sin, while focusing on the resurrection life of the Spirit through Christ leads to righteousness. “

Some comments were edited for length, punctuation, or other reasons that did not affect their content.

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