This is something I posted last year that’s been on my mind again….

The Voice of One

h-sp-cross-2--Patrick MurphyPicture by Patrick Murphy

Death and resurrection cannot be separated.  This is so obvious it seems like a platitude.  Often our words and thoughts divide these into separate categories.  For the sake of clarity it’s sometimes helpful to consider them separately.  But it’s disastrous in real life.  Perhaps we are too used to treating death and resurrection as subjects.  Perhaps it is tidier to deal in false dichotomies than to face the fullness of Christ.  Whole theologies are based on marginalizing death or resurrection.  Protestants avoid crucifixes.  Prosperity teachers preach 3 John 2 but not Philippians 4:12.  Ascetics fast but don’t show up to the wedding feast.  The early church staved off attempts to deny Christ’s divinity or humanity.  I wonder: is diminishing Christ’s death or resurrection any less serious?

It’s easy for prejudices to hide when we don’t think them out to their conclusions.  When we do, we end…

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