My Queen

The Kiss by Klimt.jpg

Today, I was listening to a song the Lord gave me called, “My Queen.”  The words are below.  I was thinking about the fact that the Lord is in love with us, His Bride, and wants to be loved by us as well.  As I thought about this, my mind turned to how flawed I can be, and how undesirable people can be.  I wondered: Why do you want our love, Lord?  He led me to think about my family, friends, pets, those I love.  Why do you desire them?  He seemed to ask.  I realized I want to be loved by those close to me because I love them.  That’s pretty basic.  When we love someone, we want them to love us too.  Could it be that simple for God?  I believe so.  He wants to be loved by us simply because He loves us.  And we know that we love Him only because He first loved us (1 John 4:19).

My Queen

My radiant bride, for whom I died,
my lily among thorns, with holy beauty adorned
(SOS 2:2, 7:6)

You are my Queen.

Garden of honey and spice, apple of my eye,
your love is better than wine, turn your eyes from mine
(SOS 5:1; Zech. 2:7, 8; SOS 4:10; SOS 6:5)

They overwhelm me ‘cause you are my Queen.

Many maidens there may be but you, my love, are unique (SOS 6:8, 9).
Only you stand by me. Only you make me complete (Eph. 1:23).

You are my Queen.

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