Whose House?

Glory in the Temple

Years back, the Lord opened the book of Haggai to me in new ways.  (See the booklet “Haggai: Feast” for more about that).  Verse 1:4 is probably the heart of the book: “Is it a time for you yourselves to be living in your paneled houses, while this house remains a ruin?”

The temple was destroyed when Babylon invaded Jerusalem.  God’s people were captives in Babylon for 70 years.  Now they had returned but no work had been done to rebuild the temple or restore God’s house.  Instead, people were busy with their own houses, granaries, and prosperity.  Through Haggai, God was calling His people to give themselves so His house could be built.

Lately, the Lord has been reminding me of Haggai’s words.  I have been asking (and He has been showing) how I am busy with my own “house” instead of His.  I am expectant that God will also show me how I can give myself to build up His house (which Hebrews 3 says is His people).

If you think of me, please pray for God’s work in my heart.  And if I can pray for you in any way, please comment below or email me at thevoiceofone@gmx.com.  Blessings!

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  1. rrapson2015 says:

    Thanks for sharing. Many things you shared have been on my heart. He truly looks to build His house in His people. There seems to be a call going out to those who will hear.

    Praying for the Spirits directing for those who will hear and turn. Thanks again!!

    1. mrteague says:

      Thank you for that witness 🙂

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