Thought I’d repost this as Hannah has been on my mind again 🙂

The Voice of One


The following is excerpted from a booklet I am close to finishing–Despising the Lamb: Pictures of Contempt in First Samuel


First Samuel opens with a story about Elkanah and his wives, Hannah and Peninnah.   Hannah was unable to have children.   Peninnah bore children for Elkanah and smugly needled Hannah about it: “Her rival would taunt her severely just to provoke her, because the LORD had kept her from conceiving” (1 Sam. 1:6).

Jesus described the cross as a seed falling into the ground to die; His resurrection would be like a harvest (John 12:24). There is a fruitlessness associated with the cross, a sense of wasted potential.   Nothing about the cross seems successful or productive for the kingdom of God. Jesus was mocked for this as He hung in mid-air, bleeding to death (Matt. 27:42; Mark 15:30). The people and priests treated Him with contempt…

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