A Definition of the Word “Godless”

          it all makes perfect sense at least as much as
     reeking pots of boiling elf skin do or as much as
          creeping mango flavored diaper rash does or as much as
     verifiable ecstasy stinking with the fetid iridescent
          sweat of nuclear waste does it all makes perfect
scents sense cents in my underwear hanging upside
        down in another time period that I have
warped into by dreaming wide awake as the blood
        rushed to my head I once saw other worlds while
spinning in a dryer with the door shut & it being hot
              & hard to breathe but safe but terrifying
    because I knew that no one would ever be
              able to find me but that’s another story
    what I really want to talk about is
              what is black & Blue but
    the bruised color of the streets where
              authority and power and life & death
    & rich & poor & cops & gangs mix it up
              & fight out the cosmic senselessness of man
    in the same way that old ladies             
              belch the green miasma of pureed
    peas and then shamelessly undress in
              the sterile hallways of the white white
    dreamless nursing homes the collective
              repressed memory of world consciousness
    sickness death and horror so much horror you think
              you can’t understand much of
    anything anymore and you can’t you
              can’t you can’t because you’re just
    an animal you’re just a psycho-logical
              foul ball a pile of chemicals excreting
    gods within various glands having religious
              crutches & hormonal crushes or you’re a
    fool or a balloon headed alien spawn
      or a dream maybe mine maybe your own
(YAAAAWWWWWN…) I don’t know man                           
      it’s all cool it’s all…whatever, you
      I’m a color you’re a color we’re
all red blooded would be snake                                         
      handlers but we’re afraid we’re afraid
to love baby we’re afraid to just                                       
      be naked we’re afraid to sing out
loud we need to be free free free
where we can be be what we want to be and live
      in a land with no meaning
and so there’s another salmonella scare
      there’s another bartender w/ a dark past
who just wants to stay buried in the dirtiest
      parts of the city another law is passed
another sunrise is silent another finger
      points and everywhere the flags fly
and the people are bitter and the
             cowards are drunk and the infants
      are dead and it’s just round & round the
             mulberry bush the monkey chased the
      weasel the monkey thought it was all
             in fun but the weasel cried sexual
      harassment the weasel took him to
             court and sued him for his
      eyeballs & they gouged ‘em out right
             there in the courtroom in the presence
      of the diamond drill bit stares of
             the decent and the hypocritical hey
      take a number ride a bike share a cocker
             spaniel cause it’s just
      round & round & round she goes
             & where she stops
      nobody knows
      nobody knows
      nobody knows
      nobody knows
      nobody knows

4 Comments Add yours

  1. NIce! Keep writing.

  2. speak766 says:

    Wow, great poem. Very powerful. I love how you repeat the line “Nobody knows” at the end. Nicely penned!

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