New Page—Recommended Reading

Many visitors to The Voice of One know this blog site has multiple pages. Most of these contain links to booklets I’ve written about the Lord and scripture. One page is a place where readers can make suggestions, ask questions, or otherwise communicate with me. I wanted to let everyone know I published a new page entitled, “Recommended Reading.”

This page contains a list of books that have been theologically important to me. Some impacted (and continue to impact) my relationship with the Lord and spiritual growth. Others are historically important. I have included a section of theological fiction because of the unique ways fiction imparts spiritual things. There is a section of church history because church history is His-story; I feel connected to Jesus as He is manifest in His people throughout all times and places. Finally, there is a small section of apologetic works I have personally benefitted from.

For those who decide to check out this page, I hope there is something of interest on this list. If someone does read a book on this list, I pray it is of value in Christ.

Books written by lovers of God are like little chests where they have secured spiritual treasure. It is truly a blessing that we can open these and share the riches of Jesus!

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