We Just Don’t Know What’s Saving Us

The following is a spoken word poem by my friend Matt Lundquist. Matt is a campus minister and blogs at https://radxians.wixsite.com/mattsblog


We just don’t know what’s saving us!

Stuff’s going down, no stopping it. People all around fearing for their lives. Got to be real, ain’t no denyin’, pain and suffering and the reason for cryin’.

 Life‘s not what I thought it would, be expectations being what they be.

We just don’t know what’s saving us. Not getting what we want or what we’re  craving for us. We can’t slow down we’re on the crazy bus. We think we know the road to happiness. 

It’s true that we have found the Answer, but still we seem to have so many questions. There’s a hole in our logic, there’s a flaw in our plan, we’ve tried every solution that’s known to man. 

Somewhere in our experience is the secret of growing, something in our circumstance we need to be knowing. Situations happen we look around. It’s not what we wanted but it’s what we found, needs met, or not, dreams sold, or bought. 

Pursuits, our roots, new boots, expensive suits we’re in cahoots!
We don’t know what will save we don’t know what we crave. we’re not sure what’s good for us we have longings much too deep, we have desires of which we can’t speak. 

We were saved long ago. We said “yes” when others said no. We opened our hearts and sought forgiveness. Brought to life we discovered alive-ness.

Behold He stands at the door and knocks.
Hear his voice and open the locks. It’s not just something that you do once, you must open up again & again. In each circumstance where you’re situating, you will be saved from what you’ve been hating. 

But the means and the method is not up to you, our Father in heaven knows better, it’s true. He sends the pleasures or allows the pain, but it’s all good blessings and all for our gain. We need perspective, we need a lens change if we’re going to see things that now appear strange. 

It’s all for his purpose, it’s part of a plan. Affirm it, embrace it, 
Salvation is at hand!

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