The Wind and the Shadows

Followers of The Voice of One know that I periodically post poems I’ve written. This past summer, the Lord put it on my heart to organize all my poems from the past 25 years or so. This meant pulling poems from notebooks, my laptop, my tablet, and putting them all in one place. I also felt moved to self-publish a volume of my poems for the first time. The result was a collection called The Wind and the Shadows (pictured above).

I am thankful the Lord enabled me to complete this book. I wanted to let people know it’s available on Amazon in paperback ($6.00 USD) and Kindle ($2.99 USD) formats. This isn’t meant as a money-making venture. (Is poetry EVER a money-making venture?) I just want to share what God has given me with those who are interested.

One other note: The poems I’ve posted on The Voice of One have spiritual themes, and most of them are in the book. But not all the poems in the book have spiritual themes. The book’s introduction says, “I write about ideas, moods, my faith in Jesus, and whatever else is worth the struggle.” Besides a variety of themes, readers will find forms ranging from sonnets to experimental structures.

Should you decide to purchase a copy, thank you. I enjoy writing poetry. My hope is that people enjoy reading my poems as well.

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  1. Wordscroll says:

    My heart reaches out to Mr. Andolini.

    1. mrteague says:

      No doubt, mine too 😔

      1. Wordscroll says:

        I had a teacher like that in Jr. High. The kids plotted things to torment him. I couldn’t join in, my heart hurt for him. One day he lost it and in wood shop he swung a 2X4 at a kids head and struck him just above his eye. I never heard what happened to him. It’s all so terrible and tragic.

        1. mrteague says:

          WOW, crazy. That is tragic 😕

  2. Wordscroll says:

    I bought the book and it let me read a bit. I am looking forward to reading the rest 🙂

    1. mrteague says:

      Thanks! I have your book on my stack. I’m in the middle of a couple looong books 🙃

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