When the Wind Blows


In December, I finished a new CD of songs the Lord has given me over the years. The album is called, “Poured Out” and centers on themes of communion—the Lord pouring Himself out at the cross as well as our participation in His death and life. The bread and wine of communion ceremonies depict these realities.

I hope to make “Poured Out” available online soon. Below is a link to a video where you can listen to the second track on the album, “When the Wind Blows.” The lyrics are below but are also in the video of the song. I hope the song blesses and draws hearts to the Lord. I just ask that you forgive the cheesy video. I’m a writer and musician, not a video maker 😉

Listen to the song here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Hja_tylpFxI

When the wind blows where it wills will you follow?

To the place where I have called
To the place where I am all
To the holiest of all
To the place of the skull
of the skull

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  1. Kay says:

    Loved the song…and I thought the simplicity of the video complimented it really well! Thanks for sharing.

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