Where Has Goodness Gone?

My pastor, Roger McCune, wrote the following article for the religion column in our local paper. It is a short article, but heartfelt and very timely. In a time when many react to the socio-political climate by fighting fire with fire, Roger approaches it with forgiveness and repentance. This is a message I wish everyone would take to heart.


I have been in a state of sorrow and lament the last two weeks because of the news alerts about the brazen shoplifting in California, the ongoing shootings in schools and shopping malls, as well as the man driving his SUV through the Community Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. I want to cry out, “please tell me this insanity isn’t happening”. But it has happened.

At which time I ask, is our country losing its virtue of goodness? And again I cry out, “O God please help”.

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