Picture Jesus

Periodically, the Voice of One features guest posts by my friend, Cameron Fultz. Cameron and I connected about 10 years ago over a book he wrote called Jesus Pictures. Since then, Cameron has written a score of books sharing how he sees Jesus in Bible stories. I share this approach to scripture, and we can find numerous examples of New Testament authors interpreting the Old Testament in this way.

While we can and should see Jesus in every scripture, it doesn’t end with seeing scripture pictures of Christ. The point of such knowledge is that we would be changed into the image of the One we see (2 Cor. 3:15-18). For Cam, this is the most vital reason for sharing Jesus from scripture.

As another way to reach out to people about the transforming power of seeing Christ by revelation, Cam has started a blog: picturejesus.com. I started following Cam’s blog when it launched, and I would encourage readers to check it out. One of the pages on his blog features Cam’s many books, all of which can enrich our appreciation of mining scripture for Jesus.

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