These Are the Wounds

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In December of 2020 I released a CD entitled Poured Out. The songs on this album all touch on the theme of communion somehow, especially the church’s calling to participate in Christ’s death and resurrection.

I attend a non-denominational church. About 20 years ago, someone who belonged to a denomination said they’d rather I didn’t take communion at their church since I didn’t belong to it. I understood but it stung. When I took my grief to the Lord, He gave me the song, “These Are the Wounds,” which I later included on Poured Out.

Pain is part of life. Anyone who tells you different is selling something. When I find myself in pain, the Lord doesn’t necessarily take it away. Often, He points to Jesus and how I can fellowship with Him in my pain. Somehow, though the pain is still there, knowing Jesus in it transforms my experience of pain and redeems it. The Lord imparts His life to me in the midst of what I’m suffering, and God turns what could’ve been harmful to good.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to listen to “These Are the Wounds” here: Below are the words, which basically combine Zechariah 13:6, Psalm 41:9, and 1 Peter 4:14. Through these verses, Jesus gave me a window into how He felt when He was rejected and crucified by those He knew. What I suffer pales compared to what Jesus went through. But knowing that my little measure of suffering connects me to Jesus gives what I go through infinite purpose and value.

(Poured Out is available on i-Tunes and Amazon. Just search “Teague McKamey.”)

These are the wounds that I received at the house of my friends
who turned against me
He with whom I ate bread has lifted his hand against me
and I am lonely

But the Spirit of Glory and of God rests upon me
though I am broken
Yes the Spirit of Glory and of God rests upon me
and I am blessed because of Him

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