I Wanna Be Close to You, God

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Years ago, I was listening to the radio at work when a song caught my attention. The artist was simply but beautifully singing about wanting to be close to God. Even more surprising, it wasn’t a Christian radio station.

I finished listening to the song, and thankfully, the announcer named the artist: Terry Evans singing, ”I Wanna Be Close to You, God” from his album Blues for Thought. Back then, before smartphones, I kept a slip of paper in my wallet so I could write down songs I heard. That way, I could look for the album later on. I wrote down Terry Evans and Blues for Thought and mostly forgot about it.

Fast forward about 20 years. I’m in a second hand store looking through their CDs when what do I find? Blues for Thought by Terry Evans! I snatched it up and started listening. Most of the CD is classic, gritty blues. Good stuff. Then there’s the last song, “I Wanna Be Close to You, God,” which is a tender, devotional tribute to the Lord. Periodically, the Holy Spirit draws me to listen to this song. I find myself just sitting with Him, defenseless, and wanting Him more.

Here are some of the lyrics:

I wanna be close to you, God
And I wanna feel the ground under my feet
I wanna lift my head toward the sky
And feel the soft wind going by

I don’t wish to be a rich man, no, no
‘Cause I don’t get hung up on material things
I just wanna be like the leaves on the tree
That blossom every year in the spring

I wanna be free in my heart
I wanna be close to you, God
I wanna be close to you, God
Let me be close to you, my God

For the full effect, though, I recommend listening to the song here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=e7GPrNJAxzc I am touched by the words as much as the saturating peace of the music.

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  1. flygirl1995 says:

    Beautiful song…. thanks for sharing. As I listened I could not help praising God when I heard his lyrics “I wanna be close to you God” and thanking HIM LIVING IN me. Just can’t get any closer then that 🙌🏻 I enjoy your blog.

    1. mrteague says:

      Amen, I feel the same when I listen 😊. Thanks for stopping by!

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