God created man in His image.  His original command to His image was, “Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, and subdue it” (Gen. 1:28).  Man fell from this purpose.  God’s image in man was marred.  As a result, man multiplied his own image and likeness (Gen. 5:3).   Man’s image filled the earth.  All things…


In the wake of the school shooting in Florida, social media is flooded (again) with memes, posts, articles, and factoids for or against guns. Personally, I see guns as one of many social scapegoats. A gun is a neutral thing, not intrinsically good or bad. It can only be as good or bad as the…

The Hebron of God

“Burial of Sarah” by Dore Genesis 23 opens with the death of Sarah. Abraham, being a foreigner, asks the Hittites to sell him the cave at Machpelah for a burial site. The Hittites offer to give Abraham the land because he is “a mighty prince” but Abraham insists on paying the full price (Gen. 23:6,…

C U L8er

I’ve got some family visiting so I’m going to take a 10-ish day break from blogging.  Please read past posts, booklets I’ve posted, or check out some of the awesome blogs I follow. A word before I go: Yesterday, I was meditating on verses that talk about the blood of Jesus cleansing us from sin….

Everything and Nothing

Today, I am encouraged that everything is working together to conform me to the image of God’s Son (Rom. 8:28-29).  “Everything” includes successes and failures, strengths and weaknesses, righteousness and sins. Nothing is outside God’s redemptive power and use.