Something New (Sort of )


I’m happy to announce something new at The Voice of One.  Well, sort of new, anyway.  On the far left of the blog are links to booklets I have written.  That isn’t new.  What is new is that they are now in PDF format.  Each booklet contains two links: one for reading on your computer, one for your Kindle or e-reader.  The booklets belong to The Voice of One and to Teague McKamey.  But you may read and/or download them for free.  As long as nothing about them is changed, the booklets may be reproduced in printed or electronic form.  If you reproduce them on the internet, please include a link to The Voice of One.

Allow me to highlight a few booklets.  Among the New Testament booklets, you’ll find one called “The Consummation of All Things in Christ.”  As the title suggests, this study of Ephesians focuses on Christ as the consummation and completion of God’s eternal plan.

Of the Old Testament booklets, one of my favorites is, “Communion and the Concubine.”  This booklet looks at the gang-rape and dismemberment of a concubine recorded in Judges 19 and 20.  Historically, this is a horrific story.  Spiritually, it paints a stunning picture of how we become one New Man by fellowshipping in the broken body of Christ.

“The Spirit of Prophecy” series contains booklets about the major and minor prophets.  For years I felt perplexed by these deeply spiritual books and largely avoided them.  Then the Lord had me spend a season reading them.  These booklets are the result of what He shared with me.  The one about Ezekiel focuses on Ezekiel’s three visions of God’s glory.  These visions show us 1) the glory of the divine nature; 2) the glory of the cross and how the divine nature led to it; 3) the glory of the resurrection and new creation as the fullness of the divine nature.

The Topical booklets include, “Wonderful Things in Your Law.”  This work came out of a time when I was wrestling with what it meant for Jesus to fulfill the law.  In it, I grapple with questions such as: 1) Do Christians observe a cherry-picked version of the law?  2) How should the law be understood?  3) What do we mean when we say Jesus fulfilled the law?  4) Do elements of the old covenant continue into the new or are the covenants mutually exclusive?

Please browse the booklets and read anything that looks interesting.  Most aren’t terribly long and aim to bring Christ into singular focus,  as this blog does.  Above all, I pray that the spirit of wisdom and revelation would minister through these writings that we may know Him better (Eph. 1:17).

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