Wonderful Things in Your Law


In this post, I’d like to feature one of my booklets, “Wonderful Things in Your Law.”  This booklet began with questions: How did Jesus fulfill the law?  What does it mean for the law to be fulfilled?  These were things I grasped with my heart but had never reasoned out.  The need to reason them out came from objections raised by non-Christians.  For instance, a Muslim woman with whom I was talking was offended that I observed the laws against adultery and murder but disregarded the prohibition against eating pork.  In her mind, one couldn’t pick and choose which laws to obey and which to ignore.  Homosexuals raised essentially the same objection: Why are some commands, such as keeping the Sabbath, no longer kept, while laws against homosexuality remain in force?

Considering these questions left me with contradictions that I could neither explain away as unimportant nor write off as unbelieving nonsense.  I took my questions to the Lord.

Contained in the pages of this booklet is the Lord’s answer to my questions about the law.  If you have ever had questions about how the law is fulfilled, I hope you will take a look at what I’ve written.  The first section examines how the law should be understood.  Is the law merely a collection of rules?  Does it show us the best way to live?  Or does the law have a meaning that is more wonderful yet?  One thing is certain: if we don’t correctly understand the law, we can’t even begin to grasp how it is fulfilled.

Next, the booklet explores how the law is fulfilled by the us in Christ/Christ in us relationship.  Specific laws from the Old Testament are discussed in light of our union with Jesus.  This section also addresses the charge that Christians obey some laws while ignoring others.  While we seem to take a “buffet” approach to the law, this is only an appearance.  When the law is understood in light of divine relationship, it is clear that there is nothing contradictory about the way Christians regard the law.

The booklet ends with a stout challenge: pick your covenant.  Live in the new covenant or live in the old.  If we mix the covenants we risk falling from grace (Gal. 5:4).  The gospel is Christ; not Christ and religious behavior.

I pray this booklet is a blessing.  And, I would love to hear what the Lord has taught you about the fulfillment of the law.  Feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to share your understanding  🙂

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