Taking a Holiday

384869_10150632508462802_1489970025_nChristmas is now breathing down down our necks. (At least it’s milk and cookie scented breath). My schedule is filling up with holiday plans, leaving little time for blogging. So, I’m taking a break until the end of the month. (If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?)  I’d love it if readers would take a look at past posts or one of the booklets posted on The Voice of One.  The booklets cover many subjects: New and old testaments, prophecy, scriptural interpretation, law and grace, just to name a few. Ultimately, these are all secondary subjects used to discuss the Bible’s one, grand subject–Christ. He is the testimony of God (1John 5). I pray Christmas would be one more reminder of Jesus, something that the Holy Spirit can use to exalt Christ in our hearts and lives.

Peace on earth, good will to men, on whom God’s favor rests!


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