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Only one is of ultimate worth–God–because He gave with no thought for Himself.  He gave knowing full well how much He would suffer, and He gave anyway.  No one has ever done that.  That is why I love and worship Jesus alone.  And if His selfless love is manifest through me in even the smallest measure then my life will have meant something. His mustard seed is more than our forests.  His weakness is stronger than our strength.  His foolishness excels our wisdom.  Jesus is the length, the height, the width, and the depth.  He is the all and in all, the first and last. All things hold together in Him and are sustained by Him.  All things are from Him, through Him, for Him, and to Him.  Glory to Jesus now and forever!

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  1. Only someone who knows Him can pen such a description of Him.

    1. mrteague says:

      That means a lot, Cheryl. Thanks 🙂 I pray to keep growing in grace & the knowledge of Jesus!

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