Another Face in the Crowd

I was thinking about this post tonight and wanted to share it again…

The Voice of One


Minions from Despicable Me

 Most of the time, I don’t feel very spiritual.  I feel average.  My day is filled with mundane things like brushing my teeth, going to work, caring for kids, taking out the garbage, etc.  Amidst daily responsibilities and stressors, sometimes I keep my humor, sometimes I don’t. On occasion I’m a shining example of Christianity. More often I follow Jesus with halting steps and a limp.

While not feeling very spiritual the other day, a thought made my brain do a 180.  I’m sure the thought came from the Holy Spirit.  The thought was this: What do you mean by “spiritual?”  I had to admit my definition of “spiritual” was some vague notion of floating three feet in the air, unperturbed by circumstances or stressors, pithy aphorisms dropping from my lips like pinata candy.  My idea of “spiritual” was super-human.

I imagine I’m not alone in…

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