Passover for Third Graders–Cameron Fultz

Jesus Pictures Cover

Cameron Fultz is a friend and author of several books, including Jesus Pictures.  Jesus Pictures looks at the stories in the Bible as pictures of Jesus.  We have not fully understood any passage of the Bible until we’ve seen Jesus in it.  This is only possible as the Holy Spirit reveals Christ to our hearts through the words of scripture.

This past summer, Cameron wrote Jesus Pictures for the Young and Young at Heart.  It was developed for a children’s Bible camp.  Cameron wanted to teach Jesus pictures in a kid-friendly way.  The original title was Jesus Pictures for Third Graders.  As he worked on it, Cameron realized he was writing a kids’ book with an adult reach.  So he aimed it at the young and young at heart.

I can testify this book isn’t just for kids.  I’ve been meditating on the following passage this last week and wanted to share it.  Please check out the rest of the book as well.  It’s full of accessible yet insightful teaching from the Lord.


For Christ has been put to death as our Passover (1 Corinthians 5:7 BBE).

When the people of Israel were slaves in Egypt, the big event that set them free was the death of a little lamb, the Passover lamb. What happened at the Passover pictured Jesus on the cross. As we look at some of the details we can learn about how Jesus saves with His crucified life.  Also let’s make sure we don’t make the same mistake as the people who studied and studied the Bible, but didn’t see Jesus. We need to see Jesus and then also enter into His crucified life.

God says that what happened to the little Passover lamb is a sign of something greater. The little lamb was killed and then the people painted its blood around the front door to their house. The doorway might have been wood or it could have been brick. But either way, the blood that they people walked through and into the house was a sign.

Jesus is the “Something Greater”. The sign points to Jesus on the cross. Paul said that Jesus was our Passover lamb. Jesus’s blood got smeared on the cross. And it is through Jesus’s blood on the cross that we get a certain type of life.

There are other signs too. One of them is eating the dead lamb and not leaving any left over. Does eating a dead lamb say something about life? What about when Jesus said to eat Him like bread?  Just like Jesus said to eat Him like bread, this Passover story is telling us to eat the flesh of the lamb. Eating the bread gives life. Eating the dead lamb must also give life.

It would have been a different story if they just walked under the blood and waited inside. But they also had to fully partake of the Passover lamb they killed. They had to partake of ALL of the dead lamb, not just some part.  So this story is telling us that the death of the lamb inside of us has power for life too. There is something about making Jesus’s death real inside of us that is going to free us from slavery just like Israel is going to get free of Egypt. (It is a picture!)

Our brains can miss stuff like this in the Bible because our brains can’t see spiritual things. Life is something you can’t really touch, but you know it is there. That is why it is possible to know lots and lots about the Bible, even every letter and where it goes on a page, and still miss the most important thing: spiritual life.  Taking the death of the lamb inside you is a “spiritual” thing we will find out more about as we continue. Somehow God can take what is dead and make it alive.

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  1. Jennifer Imboden says:

    I found a copy of this book in my kids shelves today and have no idea how it came to be there. I googled his name and found this. Teague I’m excited he’s someone you know as soon as I started reading through it​ was clear it was from the Lord and I’m glad that I have a copy (though would be nice to know how I came to have it).

    1. mrteague says:

      Nice! Noah is his son. Possibly he gave you one?

  2. Jennifer Imboden says:

    That’s possible!

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