The other night, I picked up a book about God I’ve been reading.  It is a profound book with much insight I am happy to read.  All the same, I noticed in myself a craving for *God*—not for books, words, or ideas about God but God Himself.  So I put the book away and sat with the Lord.

This has been a feature of my life the last few years: lots of sitting with the Lord. Bible study continues; I still pray for and about things. But often, I find I am drawn to just sit with the Lord.  We say little.  He doesn’t show me anything or impart knowledge on any topic.  I just experience the feeding of His life within. 

I’m not even sure “feeding” is the right word.  But I am reminded of the hidden manna mentioned in Revelation 2; the bread that remains, that is the only true satisfaction the soul will ever know.

Perhaps it’s ironic for me to write about a craving for the Lord that surpasses words and writing. But I know no other way of relating my experience. Others can’t be in my head or heart as I sit with the Friend who is closer than a brother, closer even than my own skin. 

At a minimum, I hope others are encouraged to seek the Lord Himself. Having the right ideas about God, Bible study, reading authors that know Jesus, worship music, testimonies, traditions—all these are important. But at best these things point to the Lord; they are not the Lord. None of these things or activities is eternal life. The Son Himself is life (1 John 5:11-12).

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  1. I feel rather silly leaving a ”like” on this post because it seems so trivial to do so. What you are sharing is so much more profound than ticking a little ”like’ box could ever convey. I think your description of ”feeding’ on Christ is very appropriate, even if not terribly p.c. When Jesus said to some disciples they must learn to eat and drink Him (John 6), some were offended and stopped following Him. He is our abundant Life, and what other way can we possibly describe how we are learning to simply live and breathe Him? I too have been learning to feed off the Lord, i.e. find my spiritual sustenance and strength in Him and Him alone, and I believe there are many others who truly desire Him who are in this process. After all is said and done, books, worship media, even Bible study, no matter how rich, must take second place to His desire to manifest His life in us and to us. Hidden manna exactly!

    1. mrteague says:

      Praise the Lord 🙂 That’s all I can say!

  2. . I have made the mistake of thinking that these times of communing are for me. But Father has shown it is also for Him. So often enjoying your sharing, brother keep it up.

    1. mrteague says:

      Thanks, Dan! It is amazing to me that He gets anything out of hanging with us. But you’re right. Many times when hanging out with my own kids, God shows me how His Father’s heart enjoys just being with us. Incredible, but true 🙂

  3. Dennis Patrick says:

    Teague, I’ll share with you my “times together with the Lord” when we next meet.

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