The Beast

I’m doing something a little different in this post. The picture above is from our church service on 2/7/21. If you click it, it will (hopefully) take you to a video of our service. Our church has been going through Revelation. Three of us are taking turns preaching. One is our pastor, Roger. Another is Cam Fultz, who has done a number of guest posts on The Voice of One. I am the third in our rotation.

Last Sunday, 2/7, I was up to preach. I covered Revelation 13:1-10, in which John describes his vision of a beast that conquers the saints. I start sharing at about the 26 minute mark. Before that, my friend, Emee, leads worship. The Lord ministers through her in a precious way so if you just want to enjoy some worship, take a listen. (You might also hear me strumming a guitar).

Revelation is challenging book, and chapter 13 has been interpreted many different ways. Our approach has centered around the first verse of the whole book: “The revelation of Jesus Christ….” Our belief is that the opening statement tells us what the book is about. Theologically speaking, we have looked at the book with a Christological lens moreso than an eschatological lens. If that interests you, take a listen.

This is a bit of an experiment for me, and since the video is on Facebook, I am hoping people can view it whether or not they have a Facebook account. Please comment if you are not able to see it but would like to.

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  1. Wordscroll says:

    The worship came through, beautifully anointed, while parts of the speaking were difficult to hear. But that was mostly the other gentleman, I expect he didn’t have a mic. I was able to watch without facebook logon. Wonderful, thank you for sharing your church fellowship with us!

    1. mrteague says:

      Thanks for watching! Yes, our worship leader is such a gift. The Lord comes through her in a way that bypasses all my defenses 😊

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