From Death to Life

Our church has been studying the book of Revelation. Several of us are taking turns preaching sections of the book. Previously, I posted what I shared from Revelation 13 about the beast.

Just over a month ago, I shared from chapter 20 of Revelation. What the Lord showed me might be a little different from what many are used to. This is especially true of the great white throne judgment. That said, the gospel hope communicated in Revelation 20 is deeply encouraging. It gives unbridled reason to celebrate. That is why I wanted to share this with readers.

My message starts at about 21 minutes 30 seconds. But if you wish to listen before that, you can enjoy worship led by one of our worship team, Letha. Her love for the Lord and faith comes through every note.

I pray that the Lord anchors us ever more deeply to His unshakeable foundation—Christ.

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