The Newness of Spirit Podcast

Painting by Patrick Murphy

Mallory Patrick has been a guest writer on The Voice of One. Mallory is my sister-in-law and founder of Gathered Fragments Book Sanctuary.  Gathered Fragments seeks to preserve books of all times and places that present Christ crucified.

Recently, Mallory launched a podcast called “The Newness of Spirit.” If your heart is hungry for spirit-given teaching about being crucified with Christ and Christ living in you, please check out “The Newness of Spirit.”

I have heard Mallory teach many times, and even before she was my sister-in-law, I was blessed by what the Lord gives her. I find Jesus enables her to lay spiritual things out simply and clearly. This is hard to put into words, but the Lord speaks through her in a way that blends invitation with liberty. You never feel brow-beaten or pressured. It’s as if the Lord lays a table and says, “Come eat” with no strings attached.

I hope that you’ll check out “The Newness of Spirit.” If you are ministered to through this podcast, consider following it. If you blog, consider sharing a link on your blog. I know that we bloggers and podcasters all appreciate followers. What is truly valuable about this is not more attention for us but an increase of Christ in people.

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