Published in Heart of Flesh Journal!

Paul on the Road to Damascus

In 2020, the Lord prompted me to be more intentional about writing and reading poetry. One aspect of that has been submitting poems to journals. I am happy to say that, by August, I will have had three poems published! (If you’d like to learn more about my poetry, visit my poetry blog: A Wandering Minstrel).

One of my poems will appear May 6th in Heart of Flesh Literary Journal. Heart of Flesh publishes writing with “a Christian element.” In the words of Veronica McDonald, Founder and Editor, one of the prime goals of the journal is “to allow the Holy Spirit to soften the hearts of our readers. Our aim is to permeate the secular with a profound need for Jesus Christ.” I would encourage anyone interested in creative writing to check out Heart of Flesh. It is truly a collection of beauty unto Jesus.

All of this to say, that while submitting my poem to Heart of Flesh, I noticed they were asking people to submit stories about how they came to Jesus. I submitted my story, and it was posted to the Heart of Flesh blog this past Tuesday. (Read it here: I am grateful to Veronica for choosing to publish my poem and my story about coming to the Lord.

If you do stop by Heart of Flesh, I would also suggest reading Veronica McDonald’s story about how she came to know Jesus. Veronica describes herself as a “nihilist turned Christian.” Her story is truly remarkable. I was struck by the quiet, yet irresistible way the Lord drew her to Himself—like a tractor beam. Besides having a great conversion story, Veronica is an accomplished poet and painter. Take a minute to peruse her work as well.

I am grateful for ventures like Heart of Flesh. Like so many things, the arts seem overrun by secularism. I deeply appreciate those who incarnate their faith creatively. Truly, whether we acknowledge Him or not, all creativity belongs to God, our Creator.

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