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A month or two ago, a friend acquainted me with a band called My Epic. I was checking out some of their songs when one came on with simple, prodding piano. Singing started but I really wasn’t paying much attention. The music continued to build. Then all at once, the instruments largely stopped, and the stripped vocal sang:

The wrath that I was owed poured on your blameless son, 
for every song I've sung still it seems senseless.
The righteousness He owned, free to us wicked ones.
I fit it in my lungs but it leaves me breathless.

I was stunned and moved by this stark, beautiful presentation of the Christ message. The song’s title is “Memoir”, and it is among my favorite by My Epic.

This past week, I’ve found “Memoir” on my heart. When I listen to it, the Lord brings me to a vulnerable, grateful place where I am at once conscious of my deep need for Him and the over-full gift of Himself to me.

I hope that you will take a few minutes to listen to “Memoir” here: The video includes lyrics. As the title suggests, it is a poignant recalling of how the Lord stepped into the singer’s life with compassion he can’t understand to this day.

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