You Might Be a Legalist if…


You might be a legalist if:

You’re trying to be a good spouse, parent, child, sibling, etc.

Appearances are everything.

You’re afraid of making mistakes.


You might be a legalist if:

A person is made unclean by what goes into them (Mark 7:18-23).

You’re afraid to make decisions when the Holy Spirit gives no clear leading.

Your Christian walk is mainly a set of  activities (i.e. prayer, daily Bible study, church attendance).


You might be a legalist if:

Christianity is about keeping the 10 commandments.

You pressure yourself to share the gospel.

You’re afraid to express doubt or ask questions.


You might be a legalist if:

You worry you’ll be tainted by associating with non-Christians.

Scripture shows what you need to fulfill instead of what Jesus fulfilled.

Correct doctrine is the most important thing to you.


 The fine print:

“You might be a legalist” is only a screening tool and cannot diagnose legalism.  One or more symptoms may indicate legalism.  If you are concerned about legalism, ask your Great Physician about treatment options.      


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  1. blogocubecam says:

    Yep…if there is any me focus or hidden self-benefit, then our “faith” services me.

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