Dream Sonnet II

In my last post, I explained I was sharing a series of sonnets comprised of images that are connectedly inwardly moreso than outwardly. This is the second in the series and evokes different biblical themes than the first. I hope it will be a blessing 😊


There’s a city in the clouds.  A man
seeks it though he cannot see it.  As he
passes through a city on the ground, its
sidewalks, roads, and buildings crumble into
concrete dust clouds swirling in the wind.
Nothing’s left but sand-wastes all around him.
After walking hours, he sees a grassy
hill some ways ahead.  He stops to scan;
on the grass hill stands a tree whose crown is
in the clouds.  Arriving there, he climbs the 
tree, and finds a city made of mirrors.
They reflect his image fully.  Terrors
fill him in the naked sun’s full light. A
voice says, “Come in!  Don’t fear anything now.”

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