Dream Sonnet III

This is the third in a series of sonnets. (Read the first here and the second here). My aim was to create a dream-like quality by connecting images inwardly more than outwardly. To me, using a structured form like the sonnet was an interesting contrast to the less structured content.


Wandering over fields, a branching vine 
dangles taut fruit.  Groups of branches twine,
forming limbs that reach to distal strands and
then morph into toes, feet, fingers, hands; the
weaving vines form muscle fibers, contours, 
body shape.  The vine becomes a man.  He
waits there while a woman holding flowers
ambles down the aisle to give her hand to
him in church.  They make their vows and marry
with a kiss.  The wedding party forms an
archway for the couple with their arms and
then becomes a bright pavilion.  Airy,
luminous clouds with myrrh and cinnamon scent come
down to make a home and fill the tent.

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