Dream Sonnet IV

The last few posts have been a series of sonnets. Each contains biblical imagery or themes with an inward rather than outward connection. My aim was to give them a dream-like quality. I hope people have enjoyed them or least found them an intriguing diversion.

Here are links to the previous three sonnets: Dream Sonnet I, Dream Sonnet II, Dream Sonnet III.


Standing at an intersection by a
sandwich board, a man yells out, “The end is
near!”  The street goes dark, and then nearby a
woman screams while giving birth. It sends me
spinning upward; all at once I realize—
I’m the scream, exhaling past her teeth and
lips, which change to giant worms that seethe and
wriggle next to rows of off-white headstones.

Overhead, a tree’s canopy fills the
sky. The tree’s venation glows blue: lightning
tributaries trace its spreading leaves.
Luminary fruit globes swell on all the
branches.  Later, when the wind starts blowing,
fruit falls to the dirt in star-fire streaks.

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