One Thing…

During church this past Sunday, the Holy Spirit stirred my heart; I found myself drawn to Jesus, desiring Him more, wanting to know Him more…something along those lines.  It was sort of undefined.

Later that day, I spent time with the Lord.  I felt the same calling—not to ministry or activity, just to Christ within.  Mary and Martha came to mind.  It is a well-known story.  Mary is sitting at Jesus’s feet listening to Him.  Martha is busy trying to get dinner ready and feels frustrated that Mary isn’t helping.  When she asks Jesus to tell Mary to help, He says, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and upset about many things, but one thing is necessary.  Mary has made the right choice….” (Luke 10:41-42).  

This is a passage I have thought about many times over the years.  But I had not considered it in light of Christ within.  As I prayed I sensed the Lord saying this was the one needful thing: sitting with Christ in me, being with Him.

Again, this isn’t a calling about ministry; it isn’t about knowing things, accomplishing things, or praying for things.  It is about Him only.  Jesus is the One necessary in our lives.  The entire goal of God’s plan is this union, for God to have a body, a temple, a bride who is bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh.  

Of course drawing others into union with Jesus—what we would call ministry—is a closely related impulse and flows from that union.  God is love.  He is ever seeking to expand that great community of His love.  But that is still secondary.  God is complete in Himself, even without involving us.  He draws us in to expand His completeness, not to compensate for His incompleteness.  I fear we often minister from a place of incompleteness, of need when you get down to it.  We minister because we need to feel productive, or to allay our fears about others’ salvation, or because we want to fill the church to feel successful.  

I am praying to be drawn more into the one, the only necessary—Jesus.  Then, living, moving, and having my being in Him (and Him in me) I can bring His kingdom of fullness rather than my kingdom, which is a kingdom of lack even if presented in Jesus’s name.

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