The Lord has been speaking to me about resting.  Just before Thanksgiving, I noticed my motivation for writing, working on music, and for other pursuits evaporated.  Since my energies were diverted to holiday plans and family I didn’t think much of it.  But as it became February, March, and then April, I began to wonder what was going on.  Last week I finally decided to pray about it.

My first concern was that something was wrong.  Perhaps my lack of motivation was a symptom of depression or something.  Perhaps the Lord didn’t intend for me to minister in those ways any longer.  I had plenty of questions.

In addition to praying, I discussed my situation with friends.  They shared a number of insightful observations about my circumstances and suggested I might need to take a break.  The Holy Spirit bore witness to this counsel, and I prayed more specifically about resting.

It turns out the Lord had been trying to speak to me about resting since this all began in November.  Hey, it only took me 5 months to get it  😉  In praying I find the Lord is asking me to slow down across the board, to regroup, to put Him before all my activities.

In the realm of blogging, this will mean not blogging on a schedule.  I’ve attempted to blog every couple days, and the Lord has provided for that.  For now, I’ll just blog when it doesn’t violate this rest I’m observing.

Besides personal rejuvenation, the Lord may be using rest to address an issue of identity with me.  In some ways, I find I don’t know who I am apart from certain activities.  This is why I began to feel uncomfortable as one month of reduced activity stretched into two and then three and then more.  But why do I need a point of reference for my identity other than Christ?  Being in Him should be enough.  The Bible says we have no righteousness in our moral actions.  We are righteous simply by being in Christ.  We have no life in ourselves but “In Him was life….” (John 1:4).  Trying to establish identity in things or activities in addition to Christ goes against the whole thrust of the Bible.  This season of rest is opening new vistas on this truth.

Please pray with me if the Lord brings me to your remembrance.  I am just coming into the understanding of this season and want to flow with the Lord instead of swimming upstream.  My prayer is that I come to Him with whatever weariness or burden I carry and to find rest as I learn from Him (Matt. 11:28-30).